All Pro - Who Are We

ALL PRO is a design-build firm that customizes “Sanctuary Level” homes and buildings for families and businesses of all sizes, with over 40 years combined experience in:

  • Custom Home Building
  • Semi-Custom Home Building
  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Renovations for Modern-Day Living Requirements
  • Professional Organizing, EMF Mitigation, and much more…

All Pro’s team of talented professionals are known for their ability to create well-crafted, transformative buildings that set the standards for design/build practices in the 21st Century, all the while addressing the long-term well-being requirements of their homeowner and business clients.

Design + Build

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The All Pro Team

David Potter Licensed General Contractor Image

David Potter

Licensed General Contractor

(970) 599-1456 phone

(888) 765-5415 fax

Kirsten Potter Image

Kirsten Potter

Designer and Project Consultant

(970) 658-0458 phone

(888) 765-5415 fax

David and Kirsten are an innovative team specializing in harnessing the power of your inspiration to create and deliver your dream home and sanctuary space.

They are an experienced team knowledgeable in the art of streamlining the construction process from design to foundation to finish selections.

Their scheduling processes are developed and honed to ensure “on-time” and “on-budget” results.

They understand the importance of this not only for the project and clients themselves, but also for the valuable trades people in the field making it all happen.

Keeping great relationships with the craftsmen ensures quality and workmanship are at their highest of standards giving you all that you are paying for and assuring the highest value home for your investment.

The Design Process

All Pro understands that your home is your sanctuary – A place where you not only feed your family and prepare for the day, but it’s your own unique space that is tailored to your lifestyle and dialed-in to inspire and bring out your very best.

From flow to function, the nuances of your home are designed to compliment your need for comfort, rest, harmony and security, while promoting good physical and mental health for you and your loved ones.

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 (970) 599-1456

Homes for Today's Lifestyle

All Pro specializes in providing unique and innovative designs for today’s modern lifestyles.


Unique and innovative designs for today’s modern lifestyles

Tailored Spaces

We create spaces to honor your individual lifestyle and preferences

Cost Effective

Maximize your budget without compromising on design


Choose from stunning material selections

The Building Process

All Pro understands that their clients range from empty nesters and growing families with busy professionals, to business owners who office from home, each with their individual needs and priorities.

One thing they all have in common is that building their dream home is a major investment, therefore it is of the utmost importance that both quality assurance and quality control dictate your building process so that your home is all it can be, and built to last.

The continual and constant personal attention brought by All Pro is the key to ensuring success throughout your building process.

Your Team of Professionals

In addition, the combined professional experience of the All Pro team in collaboration with our architectural professionals, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as the many highly skilled professional tradesmen, is what brings traction to the project and builds its value.

David’s eye for detail, plus his years of general contracting and building experience bring the knowledge and skilled direction needed to ensure the building processes and procedures are uncompromising in quality, and successfully completed both on time and on budget.


 (970) 599-1456

The All Pro Experience

  • Takes the mystery and stress out of the design-build process by providing unparalleled sustainable design and construction management practices for their clients and their community
  • Engages their clients, their team and their vendors with honesty, integrity and complete commitment to providing value through an open process of information and collaboration
  • Creates an enjoyable, transformative and mutually rewarding experience for their clients and their company
  • Follows their proprietary “9 Step Process” that guides their team through the design, plan, and construction timeline that results in the overall goals being met on time and on budget
A “Signature All Pro Building” is Designed and Built to meet stringent criteria for Craftsmanship, and to transform the lives of it’s occupants while continually advancing the Well Being of all who dwell in it